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Waterfall Glen Soap Company is a handmade soap crafter that has been around since 2013. They are based in Belleville, Il. Their focus is on vegan, plastic-free products. Constantly trying to make their entire lineup eco-friendly and better for the world. 

The Beginning


Just as in any start of any web design project, the basics must be put down first, so with this soap website. We focused on modernism and minimalism in mind, I chose to use a simple approach and the font Muli for Waterfall Glen Soap’s website.

While also using a color palette of four colors consisting of a shade of purple for buttons and icons. Then using a dark shade of white for the background of the website and light shades of black for headers and paragraphs.



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Color Palette





Fully Responsive On All Devices

My goal was to create a website that is minimalistic and simple but also eye-catching to all viewers and potential customers.

Mobile Responsive

I ensure your website is perfectly responsive on all devices and sizes, from computers to tablets to phones.


My objective was to approach this simply, in a way to properly portray Waterfall Glen Soap and its services and highlight their previous work to further grab the attention of potential new clients.

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