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Galaxy Dumpsters is a newly established dumpster rental business based out of Missouri. As they are newly established, they still needed a new website for rentals.

When viewing other dumpster rental websites and when thinking of one the first thought that comes to mind is that they are not too modern and professional. There is much to be desired; competitors lacked structure and hierarchy. The first challenge of web design and branding would be to create something visually pleasing and have a good user experience while viewing.

The Beginning


Just as in any start of a project, the basics must be put down first. With modernism and minimalism in mind, we here at Lunar Designs chose to use a simple approach and use the font Montserrat for Galaxy Dumpster’s website.

While also using a color palette of four colors consisting of a shade of purple for buttons and icons. Then using a dark shade of white for the background of the website and light shades of black for headers and paragraphs.



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Color Palette





The Mockup


As we start from scratch, the first step is always a mockup. First off, getting in touch with Galaxy Dumpsters and understanding the goals and look of their brand is what allows us to create a stunning website. Once a meeting is complete, and information is taken, a mockup is created of a rough draft that will be the starter for the actual website.

The setting needs to decide on the brand colors that will be used as well as the structure and layout scheme. Including more CTAs will create the necessary lead generation and audience growth to obtain more clients.

Once the mockup was complete, a meeting was set to review the design and structure. Once approved by the client, the creation of the website was next. Including adding animation and interactivity to give a rich and professional user experience. Upon finishing the final design, testing of the site began to ensure that all displays’ responsiveness was sufficient and correct and that no errors were occurring. Once complete, a discussion was set to view the design and have approval given.

Fully Responsive On All Devices

My goal was to create a website that is minimalistic and simple but also eye-catching to all viewers and potential customers.

Mobile Responsive

I ensure your website is perfectly responsive on all devices and sizes, from computers to tablets to phones.


My objective was to approach this to properly portray Galaxy Dumpsters and its services and highlight their previous work to further grab the attention of potential new clients.

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