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The Runvisor

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The Runvisor is a travel agency that needed a form integrated into an iframe, but after some meetings and reviewing their need of what they want to accomplish. We came to realize they would need a website redesign to properly facilitate want they want to be expressing in their business.

In doing so, this website was constructed from a wireframe, next a mockup, then, finally, a build-out. Allowing the ability for viewers to send in an inquiry after filling out all form fields of where they would like to travel to. From there, an advisor would reach out to them and book their trip.

The Beginning


Just as in any start of a project, the basics must be put down first. With modernism and minimalism in mind, we here at Lunar Designs chose to use a simple approach for this travel agency and used the font Poppins for their headings and Montserrat for the paragraph text.

While also using a color palette of four colors consisting of a shade of orange for buttons and icons. Then using a shade of white for the background of the website and light shades of black for headers and paragraphs would bring out the travel agency colors and focus on the booking experience.



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Color Palette





Fully Responsive On All Devices

Our goal was to create a web design that is minimalistic and simple but also eye-catching to all viewers and potential customers.